Sudersand Resort

Holiday Cottage

Better WiFi for holiday cottages

While outdoor WiFi access points across Sudersand Resort delivered a reliable service, the solid construction of the resort’s cottages prevented signals from reaching guests inside their accommodation.

To satisfy increasing demand for quality WiFi indoors, Sudersand needed a solution that could be installed with as little disruption as possible in time for the new holiday season.

TRIAX EoC (Ethernet over Coax + WiFi) uses the TV cables already in place, resulting in:

  • Quick, cost-saving installation: no new cables needed
  • Maximum WiFi coverage: dedicated access point in each holiday cottage

“TRIAX EoC’s convenience and high performance make it an outstanding solution for campsites and holiday resorts.”
Anders Silfverlood, Installation Partner, Hoist Group

Sudersand Resort

Sudersand Resort, Fårö
Accommodation, food and activities to suit every taste, situated on an island paradise in the Baltic Sea.

“This is an excellent installation that quickly solved all the WiFi issues in our cottages for a great price. Now we want to roll it out to the rest of our resort.”

— Rolf Lindvall
Owner, Sudersand Resort

Sudersand Aerial

Technical details

In collaboration with installation partner Hoist Group, TRIAX Sweden provided:

  • 1x TRIAX EoC Controller 32/2B – creating an IP network with 1.0 Gbps throughput over the pre-existing coax cables
  • 16x TRIAX EoC Coax WiFi End Points – transmitting WiFi and TV signals, with no need to retune the TVs


Sudersand Resort
Sudersand 5650
624 67 Fårö, Sweden
phone: +46 498-22 35 36

Installation Partner

Hoist Group – Anders Silfverlood
Box 6074
171 06 Solna, Sweden
phone: +46 8 555 685 00

Rainforest Retreat

Holiday Cottage

Luxurious WiFi for a luxury retreat

Set in an abundance of natural splendour, guests at Rainforest Retreat are offered an idyllic combination of relaxation and adventure. They still needed good Wi-Fi however, and were demanding better.

The solution – TRIAX’s Ethernet over Coax (EoC), using Wave 2 technology – a New Zealand first. Already trusted as Rainforest’s reliable TV distribution partner, TRIAX used the same MATV infrastructure around the site for a revolutionary Wi-Fi upgrade, resulting in:

  • Fast, full interior & exterior Wi-Fi coverage
  • Reduced costs by using existing coax cables
  • Quick, disruption-free installation
  • Future-proofed for upcoming ISP fibre upgrade

Rainforest Retreat
Rainforest Retreat is situated at the feet of the Southern Alps on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island, offering premium Tree House, Tree Lodge, Tree Huts and Park Motel accommodation, and a friendly and fun backpackers and holiday camp.

Customer needs

Rainforest Retreat is nestled amongst 6 acres of native bush at the feet of New Zealand’s Southern Alps, offering a combination of luxury, motel and backpacker accommodation.

The existing Wi-Fi setup was not fit for purpose: with only outdoor access points, coverage did not reach much of the guest accommodation’s interior areas.

A reliable, cost-effective solution was needed that did not affect the availability of guest accommodation.

“TRIAX has transformed the Wi-Fi offering here at Rainforest. Guests are happier, and we’ve been delighted with the minimal fuss and speed of installation.”

—Mark Nicholson
Developments Manager, Rainforest Retreat

The TRIAX solution: speed, quality, reliability

Having previously installed a TDX headend to handle Rainforest’s TV distribution, TRIAX knew the existing coax infrastructure could surpass requirements, without the costs or environmental disruption involved in installing new network cabling.

2 EoC Controllers were installed – one in reception and one at a junction point serving the tree huts – servicing a total of 46 EoC End Points.

The sleek End Points are installed out of sight in all buildings, redistributing TV signals where needed. One End Point in the amenities block also supplies Ethernet for the pre-existing exterior access points.

With gigabit networking both up- and downstream, the technology employed by TRIAX is much faster than comparative DOCSIS solutions, with 20x lower latency and no TV retuning required.

Network speeds are a shared 2 Gbps across all 46 End Points and 2 controllers, far exceeding the existing internet connection speed to the property and perfectly primed for the future.


  • Site-wide interior & exterior Wi-Fi coverage
  • EoC network is 20x faster than current internet connection – therefore, ready for future fibre rollout in the region
  • End Points installed between check-out and check-in at each property – no guest disruption or lost revenue
  • Installation complete in 4 days
  • End-to-end TRIAX hardware

Installation partners

Digital Imports
43 Canada Cres, Hornby South
Christchurch 8042, New Zealand
Tel: +64 3 344 5417

Tony Stanton Electrical Services
PO Box 394
Greymouth 7805, New Zealand
Tel: +64 27 434 1675

La Casa Del Torrente, Corsica

Holiday Cottage

A peaceful haven between mountains and the sea

Rest, relaxation and... WiFi in the Gulf of Porto.

Located a stone’s throw from the sea on the outskirts of Porto village, this natural environment is close to the Scandola Nature Reserve, Girolata, the Calanques de Piana, and the Aïtone Forest, with direct access to the natural pools of the River Portu (50m), Porto Beach (2.5 km) and the fine sand of Arone Beach (30 min).

But it’s not just the family atmosphere and warm welcome, amongst others, that guests appreciate. For many customers, especially those on extended breaks, it’s just as important to be able to enjoy reliable, high-quality WiFi that keeps the whole family connected out in the wild. TRIAX, together with its installer partner CORSICA SATELLITE, deployed the EoC solution to all the chalets.

Fast, reliable WiFi covering every chalet

Technical details
  • Network signal transmitted to a TRIAX EoC + WiFi controller
  • Controller transmits the IP network over the existing coax cables
  • 15 TRIAX End Points, installed in each chalet and villa, transmit the WiFi and the TV signal
  • TV distributed via a TRIAX TDH800 headend – Fransat Pro + FTA


La Casa del Torrente
Route d’Evisa 20150 PORTO – OTA
France – Corsica
Phone: +33 (0) 4 95 22 45 14
Mobile: +33 (0) 6 33 64 27 05

Installer Contact

François Cerviotti
Le Cytise 2 chemin Biancarello
Phone: +33 6 20 92 18 29

Saltviks Camping

Holiday Cottage

Better WiFi for campsites with TRIAX Ethernet over Coax

In summer 2018, TRIAX rolled out its Ethernet over Coax + WiFi solution to the huts at Saltviks Camping, Sweden.

Each and every hut now enjoys a fast and reliable WiFi signal, overcoming many of the problems encountered with the previous service such as intermittent signals and patchy coverage.

The fully managed network runs over the coax cabling that was already in place around the site, resulting in time and money saved in installation.

Situated in northern Bohuslän, Sweden, Saltviks Camping hosts over 300 caravans and plots, alongside 22 huts.

“It’s critical these days for our guests to be able to surf online and access their TV streaming services from home, when they stay with us. We need to make sure the WiFi we offer is up to the task, and the TRIAX solution has helped us to greatly improve our service for the 2019 season.”

—Joakim Ulvhammar
General Manager, Saltviks Camping

Sun, sea and streaming

Fresh air, clear water and an abundance of natural splendour characterises Saltviks Camping’s stunning location in northern Bohuslän province, Sweden.

But it’s not just the nature and top-drawer entertainment at Saltviks that their campers appreciate.

For many guests, particularly those staying for longer periods or coming from neighbouring Norway or Denmark, it’s just as important to be able to access high quality, reliable WiFi that keeps all the family happy and tuned in to their favourite TV streaming services.

With the booking rate for their 22 huts lower than their caravan spots, Saltviks Camping needed to add a first-rate WiFi solution they could offer in the huts alongside their existing amenities.

TRIAX, alongside installation partner Electronic Equipment in Tanum, delivered the WiFi solution to all huts. It greatly improves the service they can offer their guests, resulting in:

  • Fast, reliable WiFi covering each corner of every hut
  • Outage periods and blackspots eliminated
  • More satisfied guests using the service
  • Increased likelihood of repeat bookings

“It was important to find a solution that would cover all the huts with a signal the guests could rely on. The TRIAX solution was easy and quick to install and simple to configure. It turns out, the installation runs even more smoothly since the coax cables themselves were also from TRIAX!”Stefan Arvidsson, TRIAX Partner. Owner, Electronic Equipment Tanum.

Installation details

  • Network signal transmitted to a TRIAX EoC + WiFi controller.
  • Controller transmits the IP network over the existing coax cables serving the site’s 22 huts.
  • The cables were also TRIAX-produced.
  • TRIAX end points installed in each hut transmitting WiFi, and the TV signal.
  • Plans in place to roll out to the rest of the park in 4 further stages.


Saltviks Camping
Saltvik 1
457 95 Grebbestad, Sweden
phone: +46 525 212 49

Electronic Equipment
Brehogsvägen 5
457 32 Tanumshede Strömstad, Sweden
phone: +46 525-75 90 40