The professional TDX headend is cutting edge technology for those who place the highest demands on flexibility and performance. It is a true IP headend with revolutionary technology – ideal for the supply of all TV signals.

TDX key features

Some of the key, mainly technical features of our proposition

  • Easy installation on a wall or a 19“ cabinet
  • All input/output modules and cables are easily accessible from the front
  • Browser-based user interface configuration without additional software
  • Simple and intuitive step-by-step configuration
  • DiSEqC-compatible when using a multi-switch as for input distribution
  • MUX bandwidth monitoring to avoid overfilling MUX
  • Halved installation times due to easy programming
  • New modules are automatically recognised and configured
  • Log file on all TDX activity
  • Easy on-site or remote access to the TDX for the installer and/or the TRIAX support
  • Fewer modules – allows easy spare part handling
  • SID/PID remapping: no re-programming of the TV sets following channel changes
  • LCN (logic channel numbering): create individual programme list and save it as SD and HD programme
  • Manage and customize EPG data
  • Up to 16 input modules in a combination of DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C, AV, HDMI and IP-in
  • Up to 6 Quad-output modules for up to 24 channels in any combination of PAL, QAM, COFDM and IP out
  • More relevant TV services because of service filtering and multiplexing
  • Output modules support up to 2 CAM modules. With full configuration per base up to 12 CAM modules possible.
  • Combine up to three TDX-Headends as one system
  • Up to 72 PAL, QAM or COFDM channels (around 280 HD-programs or 570 SD-programs)
  • High output level at 103 dBμV for interference free reception
  • IPTV to support different end-user devices
  • Scalable to adapt to new requirements (additional TV services or new technologies)
  • A fully loaded headend with 16 inputs and 6 outputs consumes only 280 watts
  • Intelligent cooling system with integrated fans increases the life of the equipment
Distribute premium IPTV services

Using the TRIAX TDX headend

Distributing premium content across multiple rooms in a secure way is an increasing challenge that hotels need to solve. Therefore headends and TV solutions with DRM technology are a good and safe choice.

TRIAX TDX headends have a solution for this challenge. They now offer DRM solutions for both LG and Samsung hospitality TVs.

Once again the modular concept of the TRIAX TDX headend proves to be a future proof choice. The DRM functionalities can be included in both new installations and TDX headends already running in the market.

TDX supports the following DRM solutions:

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