TRIAX In Touch

Guest communication your fingertips

Deliver services, information and marketing to guests discreetly and effectively, with our interactive communication platform powered by one unique management tool.

Entice your guests with the right messages at the right time, ensuring they avail themselves of everything you have to offer.

Display what you want, where you want and when you want it.

TRIAX In Touch

…at your fingertips

Additional sales

Maximise revenue from your guests’ stay

Intuitive backend

Simple setup, configuration and management

Happy guests

Improve guest experiences, improve reviews

What you want

Information, services, and promotions, delivered to guests across the hotel.

Where you want

Deliver to guest room TVs, digital signage displays and guests’ own devices, to maximise guest comfort and profit from their stay.

When you want

Automatically change your messaging to suit the time of day or day of the week, for maximum guest attention and profit.

Guest Room TV

Content delivery

Add value to an outstanding, customisable in-room experience with In Touch’s guest room TV portal.

As well as easy management of TVs and channels, it’s simple to deliver your own promotional messaging straight to the guest using a straightforward management tool.

For that personal touch, add a welcome screen linked to your booking system.

  • Deliver content from any source
  • Feature your own information channel
  • Improve guest experience with additional services
  • PMS integration

TRIAX In Touch

... at your fingertips

Easy WiFi

WiFi is one of the most essential amenities you can offer your guests.

And with managed WiFi, you get better returns – you choose the levels of access to offer, ensuring guests get the capacity and bandwidth they want while you get the return you require.

The easy to manage service has a painless billing process, offering PMS integration or an upfront online payment service.

Access granted

Deliver business opportunities straight to guests’ devices with the In Touch Portal.

It’s easy to promote your services and arrange them your way.

For example, a fully managed HSIA system helps you monetise your WiFi access.

  • Promotional communication straight to guest devices
  • Fully customisable
  • Easy WiFi management
  • PMS integration


A single, easy-to-use management system gives you complete control over your In Touch solution.

Content, services and monitoring functions are all managed from within the same interface.

It’s efficient and effective, giving you more time to concentrate on serving guests.

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Digital signage & Conference displays

Promote, inspire, entertain, inform

Capture your guests’ attention, in the right place at the right time.

Digital signage gives you the opportunity to display your scheduled promotions and information in the most visible areas of the hotel.

TRIAX In Touch – Digital Signage & Conference displays

  • Professional solution, works with any screen
  • Versatile, unlimited content editing and scheduling
  • Simple, remote administration from any device
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