Broadband Network Solutions

Exploding demand for Bandwidth

Innovative & tailormade products for FTTx, HFC, DAA

Consumer demands for high-speed internet connectivity continues to grow exponentially and will be the fundamental driver for all network operators choice of  investments in network upgrades.

The constant fight for market shares will continue to put a pressure on prices why operators need to think about cost-effective, competitive solutions for establishing their network infrastructure and service portfolio.

TRIAX is well positioned for the future

We work with a defined platform strategy, invest in building strong modular platforms prepared for future market requirements. The “platform thinking” makes us flexible and enables our highly skilled engineering teams to adjust products to individual customers needs and deliver Best quality at a Fast turnaround.

Connecting the future

Managing the entire network from backbone through last-mile and in-home devices will gain importance.

Despite the need of a robust and reliable network there is still a requirement for future flexibility as needs most likely will change. Therefore choice of optimal network architecture will be individual for each operator depending on already established network topology, current installed technology as well as plans for expansion.

Through deep technological knowledge about Docsis 3.1, HFC and fiber networks, a solid platform development strategy as well as flexibility, TRIAX is providing solutions and tailormade customer specific products to support operators approach building future proof and cost optimal networks.

BKtel and TRIAX partnership

Providing End to End solutions for MSO

As consumer demands for high-speed internet explode, European MSO’s are faced with substantial investments in network upgrades.

A new partnership between German BKtel and Danish TRIAX aims at creating an end-to-end solution for MSO’s that significantly reduces risk and complexity in upgrades and network expansion.

Network upgrades for the future

The DOCSIS 3.1 standard, which is a prerequisite for high-speed internet on coax networks, demands an upgrade of the entire network from the Headend to the home of each and every consumer. With our tailormade customer specific products we're ready to assist you in the journey for future-ready network.

No more supplier juggling

For MSO’s, network upgrades has until now meant juggling several hardware suppliers, each covering their part of the network, making such an upgrade a high-risk endeavour that demanded both specialist competencies in building the total network solution and left the MSO alone with the responsibility if something went wrong.

One strong partnership

Bringing two specialized suppliers of HFC and in-house equipment together, the partnership between BKtel and TRIAX seeks to mitigate that risk, by offering end-to-end solutions based on high quality and own developed products, as the partnership offers full access to the complementary product ranges of BKtel and TRIAX.

Solutions & products

TRIAX offers products for building combined fibre-optic and coax cable networks End to End – from Headend to In House outlet. Our platform strategy and field-proven products enables us to incorporate customer specific demand and ensure that we can adjust to be compatible with future evolving network requirements.

In House Coax distribution

With the exploding need for Internet bandwidth the frequencies in the network goes up, at the same time traffic from mobile phones, IOT devices etc. goes up and risk of interference increases.

These two factors in combination sets higher demands to the quality of all components in the cable networks.

For this reason many operators require use of approved and white listed components all the way to the outlet, for them to be able to guarantee “good quality signals”.

See more about our In House Coax distribution offers.

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FTTx solutions

An all-fiber network up to the subscriber is the ultimate solution for broadband connectivity because it provides virtual unlimited bandwidth and enables simultaneous delivery of multiple services. It plays the key role in next generation access networks.

With regard to Fiber-to-the-Home networks it has been proved that point-to-point architecture is the trendsetting solution for bi-directional services like high speed data transmission and telephony. Therefore we have developed an extensive product line especially for the FTTH network technology. This product line is based on the optimized and technically matured network topology of the optical Ethernet and broadcast video distribution (RF Video Overlay). This allows the design of cost-effective fiber access networks that offer high performance and guarantee optimum reliability.

Optical point-to-point Ethernet networks are easy to design and maintain and provide excellent scalability. The data rates can easily be adjusted to meet the needs of each customer. Data rates of Fast Ethernet (100 Mbit/s) up to Gigabit Ethernet (1 Gbit/s) can be realized.

HFC Access networks

The new DOCSIS 3.1 standard provides for significantly higher data transmission capacity in HFC networks. As well as efficient error correction and extended modulation profiles, the use of a wider frequency range up to 1.2 GHz also creates more bandwidth.

The optical compact nodes allow network operators to benefit in full of these advantages. They are designed for frequency ranges up to 1218 MHz in the forward path and up to 204 MHz in the return path but can also be used without restriction in existing networks.

The electronic frequency range changeover and particularly high output levels allow network upgrades to be implemented step-by-step without problems.

Compact nodes

Flexible and powerful range of Docsis 3.1 compliant 1.2 GHz optical nodes.

Extract of smart Innovative features:

  • One to four high-level outputs (trunk/distribution, two separate end stages)
  • Full redundancy operation available in forwards and return path
  • Segmentation available in the downstream and upstream
  • One or two single or twin optical pluggable receiver modules (1 … 4 receivers)
  • One or two plug-in return path transmitters for segmentation, coupling or redundancy
  • Electronically settable matrix in the forwards path and return path
  • Innovative operating concept: Electronic actuators, setting via a hand-held operating device or Web browser

RF Compact Amplifiers

TRIAX provides a wide range of Docsis 3.1 approved compact amplifiers with monitoring capability for interactive HFC networks.

Extract of smart Innovative features:

  • Electronic actuators, set up via Wi-Fi module and handheld device (settings can be saved in the Web browser and on PC/handheld device)
  • Automatic levelling on the forward path saves time-consuming manual calibration
  • Return path can be pre-adjusted automatically
  • Remote configuration of all tuning parameter supported by the monitoring system (can be activated/deactivated)
  • High gain (up to 46 dB uncontrolled), configurable interstage
  • Plug-in diplexers and Built-in return path amplifier, adjustable gain

R-PHY distributed access

HFC functions that usually reside in the DOCSIS CMTS are distributed closer to the user Leading to:

  • “Digital” instead of legacy “analog” fiber application of standard mass market 10GE transmission technology to increase network bandwidth
  • Reduction and standardization of hardware in the headend (hub): CORD – Central office re-architecture as data center
  • Enabling Converged Interconnect Networks (CIN) service integration (lower OPEX), enabling new business services like 5G mobile backhauling

Interoperation with Various CCAPs

  • Participation at CableLabs Interop events
  • Successfull end-to-end Interop testing with Cisco and Casa
  • Successful modem connection with Arris

It is possible to field upgrade existing optical Nodes to R-PHY Nodes.

Modular headends

The TDX and TDH 800 headend systems from TRIAX have changed the way TV and signal processing is being managed. The market-leading IP-pool technology from TRIAX radically simplifies the construction and management of headends.

This technology makes the input and output modules mutually independent. All input signals, regardless of whether they are received via satellite, terrestrial, cable, audio/video or via the Internet (depending on headend type), can be flexibly and independently distributed from a “pool” to each and every output module. Each of these input signals can be converted to any output signal: PAL, QAM, COFDM or IP.

An input signal can be assigned to several output modules to support different output modulations. Assigned twice in the same modulation is only possible when the input signal is used two times provided in the pool.

The range of options leaves no wish unfulfilled.

Network planning

Planning and designs in close coordination with our customers

With over 20 years experience developing products for specific application areas as well as pool of expert resources, TRIAX can assist in the design and planning of network upgrades or design. Both when an existing network is to be upgraded for increasing bandwidth capacity or installation of new FTTx networks.

All planning and designs are carried out in close coordination with our customers to ensure full alignment and cost optimal recommendations.

The planning can include elements such as:

  • Analysis of existing network infrastructure
  • Site survey & planning concept
  • Detailed network planning from Headend to in house
  • Device list for budgetary use
Training academy

Wide range of Seminars available to support your business

Our specially developed range of training programs covers a wide range of TRIAX product categories and is aimed at installers or service & support providers, for installing and maintenance of systems.

Training is conducted hands-on or via webinars, in a range of countries and in various languages.

We have a wide range of Seminars available to support your business.

We are also ready to offer specially designed trainings to fit your needs – please contact us, if you need training for our broadband solutions.

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