Private dwelling, Sweden

The best of both worlds

A homeowner in Uppsala County, Sweden, had a number of networking problems at his remote countryside estate.

His WiFi around the home, and its outlying buildings, was poor. It did not reach all the areas he wanted.

Also unreliable was the mobile reception at the property.

Finally, as is common in Sweden, the IP network would not run on the same LAN as his IPTV service, resulting in a mass of unsightly routers and cables around the buildings.

To resolve the issues, in stepped TRIAX with its Ethernet over Coax + WiFi solution.

A quick and painless installation has transformed the networking, satisfying the needs of the discerning private homeowner, and delivering a solution that would benefit B+Bs, hostels, farmsteads or similar guest properties:

  • Fast, reliable WiFi covering all areas of the property
  • IP and IPTV network combined on existing coax network – no need for new cables
  • Improved interior aesthetics due to fewer routers, fewer cables and discreet TRIAX equipment
  • Reliable WiFi calling resolves mobile reception issues

All-in-one reliability

“The TRIAX solution was just what I was looking for. It provides all the connectivity I needed over one network, while doing away with the mass of cables and routers I used to have.”

— TRIAX Customer

Technical Details

  • TRIAX EoC + WiFi controller distributes IP and IPTV around the coax cable network at up to 1 Gbps using wave 2 technology
  • Seven TRIAX end points installed around the estate, transmitting WiFi and the TV signal
  • WiFi speed measured at 413 Mbps

Before: a tangle of equipment for the various home networks.

After: a TRIAX EoC + WiFi controller sits discreetly in a service cupboard, while the 7 WiFi end points around the property are installed out of sight.

Installation map

A TRIAX Ethernet over Coax + WiFi controller is situated in the main house, steering all network traffic around a pre-existing coaxial cable network.

Seven WiFi end points are installed in the building and around the estate, distributing WiFi and IPTV signals.

The network setup in this private dwelling would resemble any similar properties offering guest accommodation, who would benefit from the outstanding reliability, rapid installation and easy setup of TRIAX Ethernet over Coax + WiFi.


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