Satisfy guests, improve loyalty with TRIAX Cast

The secure way to entertain guests with their own content

TRIAX and Ikusi Multimedia are proud to announce the launch of TRIAX Cast, a secure casting solution offering guests a true home-from-home experience while staying at hotels.

Satisfy guests

Meet guest expectations for up-to-date casting services

Improve loyalty

Guests will return for the best in-room experience


Add value

Offer as part of a whole range of integrated services

Satisfy guests

With today’s explosion in demand for streaming services, a straightforward casting solution is an essential amenity for any hotel.

We’ve developed TRIAX Cast entirely in-house to improve hotel guests’ experience, by enabling guests to cast content from the streaming services they use at home.

Improve loyalty

The best possible in-room experience guests have by casting their own favourite content will lead them to come back time and again to the hotel.

Add value

New business opportunities provided by TRIAX Cast enable system integrators and installers to upsell from an integrated platform of connected services including guest information, entertainment, and robust network infrastructure.

Easy to install & privacy focused

Install and configure TRIAX Cast in a flash, using a Google Chromecast securely attached to hospitality or standard TVs of any kind. Guest privacy is assured, with every session unique to the guest, their room, and their device, and terminated at checkout.

Comprehensive support

The first product launch developed in-house for our newly merged company, TRIAX Cast represents the very best of our complementary solutions, strong R&D foundation, and customer-focused values.

Comprehensive pre-programming, project and after-sales support is available across our combined network.

Google Chromecast is a trademark of Google LLC.

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For further information or a live demonstration, contact us today.

Change the color to match your brand or vision, add your logo, choose the perfect layout, modify menu settings and more.

TRIAX extends the new compact headend platform

Launched last year, the new compact headend platform from TRIAX is now extended with more versions, features and benefits.

Hornsyld, Denmark, 1 July 2021

Announced today, the new TRIAX TDcH compact headend platform now offers even more benefits to both new and existing customers with an array of new input types, output modulations, and software functions.

The TDcH compact headend is optimised and engineered to meet specific TV distribution requirements in hospitality, multi-dwelling units and related sectors, with an appealing, competitive cost per service ratio.

It is built on a cutting edge new platform where many functions are software-based.

This software platform benefits customers as they will be able to upgrade their already installed TDcH with new software releases and thereby always have the latest functions available.

“TRIAX headends are the truest expression of our values of reliability and innovation. We’re proud to be headend experts, devoting ourselves to their development for over 20 years. We are excited to see our vision for this new platform really come to life with this second wave of new versions and features. It not only gives customers a wider variety of models to choose from but also allows existing customers to benefit from continually added features.”
Carsten Nielsen, TRIAX CPO

Additional input types and output modulations

Newly launched versions of the TDcH compact headend make it possible to choose between QAM and COFDM modulation in the software during setup.

A satellite-only configuration is equipped with 4 DVB-S2X inputs distributed to 16 tuners, 16 QAM or COFDM modulators and 8 CI slots. A free-to-air only version is also available.

A new satellite, terrestrial and cable configuration is available with 4 DVB-S2X inputs distributed to 16 tuners, 1 DVB-T2/C input distributed to 6 tuners, 16 QAM or COFDM modulators and 8 CI slots.

The TDcH compact headend is built for both wall mounting and 19″ racks. Each model stands just 90mm tall and the new integrated SCR multiswitch is an additional space-saving benefit.

Advanced functionalities via complimentary software updates

“In the complimentary software update we have not only included popular functions from the high-end TDX headend like Multiplexing via IP pool technology, PID and EPG management, but also new features like the ability to handle multilingual services. In September, a further software update will upgrade all models to include an integrated SCR multiswitch for a time-, cost- and space saving installation”
Dietmar Rauch, Headend Product Manager at TRIAX

The TDcH compact headend has been developed from the ground up at TRIAX’s R&D base in Denmark. It joins the TDH 800 modular and TDX scalable headends in the TRIAX headend portfolio, which has sold over 24,000 units in the last decade alone.

The new versions of the TRIAX TDcH compact headend are available to order from today.

Further details are available on our website

Dive into the new possibilities

Download our brochure today and discover the new possibilities with TDcH including:

  • Integrated SCR multiswitch
  • Multiple language service
  • Multiplexing via IP Pool technology
  • PID Management
  • EPG Management

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Everything you need for outstanding installations – the new Cat 6 range from TRIAX

Introducing our new Cat 6 product portfolio

Introducing our new Cat 6 product portfolio In TV distribution today, IP is just as crucial as conventional signals over coax.

Whether you’re installing data, coax, or a combination of the two – we now have all the reliable, innovative equipment you need for outstanding, no-fuss installations in all areas.

Reliable Cat 6 products for quality installations

Choose from a wide selection of products including:

  • Outdoor & indoor cabling to suit any requirement
  • Toolless keystones for flexible, easy installation
  • Tools & materials for every step of your installation

Browse our full range online or in our brochure.

All the reliable, innovative equipment you need for outstanding, no-fuss installations in all areas

TRIAX – dedicated to your business


High quality
Long lifetime


One step ahead
Future-ready products

One supplier

Wide product range
Dedicated support

Since 1949, we’ve been dedicated to supporting your business as an installer.

We want you to feel safe in our hands because you know we keep moving, making reliable products that are ready for the needs of not only the present day, but also for the future.

We back this up with the outstanding reliability and support you expect from TRIAX.

Outstanding, no-fuss installations – one dedicated supplier

We’ve put together an overview of our quality data & coax installer materials.

Download our brochure today to find what you need for your next installation.

Your business

Reliable, innovative solutions for installers

As an installer, we know you want the right tool at the right time.

Since 1949, we’ve been dedicated to supporting your business. We keep moving, making reliable products that are ready for the needs of not only the present day, but also for the future.

We back this up with the outstanding reliability and support you expect from TRIAX.

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Turbocharged mobile web – 5G Antennas

Fibre-like speeds where fibre won’t reach

Work, rest or play online reliably and quickly, wherever you’re staying – TRIAX 5G antennas turbocharge mobile broadband.

Future-proof connectivity

Wherever you are, it’s ever more necessary to stay connected at the highest possible speed.

In remote areas or in holiday homes, more and more people need to work in a fully functioning home office, or simply keep their teenagers occupied with online streaming.

TRIAX 5G antennas boost mobile broadband reception in places fibre doesn’t reach.

Offer your customers speed and reliability in their holiday retreat, with outstanding signal reception that’s ready for the advancing 5G roll-out across Scandinavia.

TRIAX 5G antennas boost mobile broadband reception in places fibre doesn’t reach.

5 Good reasons to invest in TRIAX 5G Antennas

1. No fibre? No problem.

- 5G will bring fibre-like speeds to areas where fibre doesn’t reach.
- Reliable browsing, streaming or remote working, at speeds up to 100x faster than 4G.

2. Ultimate flexibility.

- Choose from directional or omni-directional antennas to suit the location.
- Install in or outdoors, with black or white cabling to suit the premises.

3. Ultimate value.

- MIMO compatible for maximum network effectiveness.
- Receive the maximum attainable mobile network speed at each location.

4. Trust TRIAX.

- We’ve been in the antenna business since 1949.
- That’s over 70 years delivering reliable products, expert knowledge and outstanding support.

5. It’s not just 5G.

- Our antennas are fully compatible with all mobile signals.
- Use the best possible 4G LTE speeds now, with no need for future upgrades when 5G arrives.


5g black 5g white 5g omni
D5A 11B D5A 11W O5A 06W
109600 109601 109602
Directional 5G Antenna with black cable Directional 5G Antenna with white cable Omnidirectional 5G Antenna

Key features

  • High gain for outstanding signal quality
  • Ready for 5G, receives all other mobile signals
  • Sturdy, easy to mount brackets unique to TRIAX
  • Connects to your choice of mobile broadband router


Directional or omni-directional

TRIAX 5G Antennas are available in directional or omni-directional models.

The choice depends on conditions at the installation location, with factors including the location of the mast and number of nearby structures. Whichever your choice, the high gain on TRIAX 5G Antennas will ensure optimal reception.

MIMO compatible

For the ultimate in speed and reliability, our antennas are MIMO compatible. For directional antennas, we recommend installing a pair 70 cm apart and at 45° opposing angles.

Introducing the all-new TDcH compact headend

Introducing the all-new TDcH compact headend

All our renowned headend expertise in a compact, affordable package.

Compact excellence

  • Exquisite engineering, finely tuned for perfect performance
  • Your natural choice for swift, efficient TV distribution
  • Save time and costs, with fast, easy installation and remote management
  • Fits elegantly into 19” racks
  • Reliable, innovative headend expertise from TRIAX

Smooth integration

  • Central decryption with CI slots; FTA version available
  • Pre-configured for quick installation and reduced costs: DVB-S/S2 in, QAM out
  • Remote management for quick and easy support
  • Easy and central updates of TV services with LCN
  • Straightforward setup and configuration via intuitive GUI

Our expanded headend range is the truest expression of our values of reliability and innovation.

And now, we have a headend to suit the requirements of every installation size and budget.

Each and every TRIAX headend guarantees the same quality TRIAX experience, saving you time and costs, and increasing your own customer loyalty.

Discover more

Talk to the experts

To find out more about the new TDcH compact headend or to discuss your next installation, contact us today.


Introducing the TRIAX Network Analyser

Free software for successful EoC projects and increased customer satisfaction

TRIAX Ethernet over Coax (EoC) is now even easier with the new TRIAX Network Analyser software, available as a complimentary download from today.

  • Optimal IP over coax: increase project success and customer satisfaction
  • Perform detailed pre-qualification and documentation of the coax network
  • No more surprises: address potential disturbances, identify need for filters before installation
  • Free software download from TRIAX
  • Free online training: sign up to one of our webinars below
  • TRIAX EoC: professional gigaspeed IP over coax

The details

An EoC Controller*, EoC Endpoint, a laptop and the TRIAX Network Analyser are all you need on-site to carry out either a full network analysis or strategic tests at selected points.

The tool displays any signal disturbances and the data capacity at a specific endpoint location.

Since EoC operates in the frequency range from 0-200 MHz, one of challenges could be that some TV services are positioned in this range.

TRIAX Network Analyser reveals this with disturbances in the given frequency range.

These are indicated with the blue line in this example screenshot, the spikes being analogue signals and the flatter peaks digital services.

Detailed documentation with data and screenshots can be produced, for future troubleshooting use or for peace of mind when handing a project over to your customer.

Download today

*TRIAX Network Analyser is compatible with EoC controller B versions and later.

Online introduction

We’re delighted to invite you to a free webinar for a comprehensive introduction to TRIAX Network Analyser at the following times:

  • Tuesday 22 September, 14.00–15.00 CEST
  • Friday 25 September 2020, 11.00–12.00 CEST

LG Pro:Idiom® DRM now available for TDX headends

LG Pro:Idiom®* DRM now available for TDX headends

LG Hospitality TVs can now be used to display encrypted premium content within TRIAX’s seamless hospitality environment.

The TRIAX TDX headend now supports Pro:Idiom®, the global high quality Digital Rights Management solution from LG Electronics.

You can now securely distribute end-to-end encrypted HDTV content from TRIAX headends to LG Hospitality TVs around your establishment.

The Pro:Idiom® DRM is available on a new TRIAX IP backend module that can be installed in any TDX headend.

No additional hardware beyond the LG Hospitality TV is required, and pre-existing headend installations can easily be upgraded with a new IP backend and the 5.0 software.

Technical details:

  • Pro:Idiom® DRM technology for LG hospitality TVs
  • Up to 2 Pro:Idiom® IP backends per TDX
  • Requires software version 5.0


  • 48 IP services per backend of which 24 can be encrypted with Pro:Idiom®
  • All needed key generation integrated in TDX software
  • No external servers or extra cabling needed to run Pro:Idiom®
  • Backwards compatible – allowing upgrade of existing TDX headends
  • Easy configuration via the user friendly TDX interface

For complete technical overview visit our online product catalogue (Article number: 492073)


* Pro:Idiom® is a registered trademark of Zenith Electronics LLC

TRIAX launches enterprise-grade networking + WiFi over coax at ANGA COM

TRIAX launches enterprise-grade networking + WiFi over coax at ANGA COM

Ethernet over Coax + WiFi is the complete network solution businesses and their customers can rely on, saving costs and time with its ease of installation.

Hornsyld, Denmark, 18 May 2018 – TRIAX today launched Ethernet over Coax + WiFi, the enterprise-grade LAN & WiFi solution that connects coax cables to the future.

With the release, the company brings its reputation as a reliable and innovative partner into the ever more critical market segment of delivering safe, secure WiFi and networking.

The solution delivers an enterprise-grade 1 Gbps network over coax, and is ideal for hotels, housing associations and small businesses whose infrastructure is built up on coaxial cabling.

“TRIAX Ethernet over Coax + WiFi unleashes the full potential of coax cables,” says Peter Lyhne Uhrenholt, TRIAX CEO. “We’re offering an incredible solution that offers significant savings on network installation projects. It delivers the network and reliable WiFi services businesses need, without the considerable time and money spent on installing new cables or replacing legacy infrastructure.”

The TRIAX solution marks an unprecedented step forward in maximising the networking capability of coax. “We’re proud to be leading the field in offering a professional managed solution combining technology and WiFi,” says Torben Flodgaard Kristensen, Group Product Manager at TRIAX. “TV signals remain unaffected on the network, so you won’t need to lose installation time having to retune every TV in the building. We’re also offering the freedom to create any number of virtual networks, ensuring company and guest data can be kept entirely separate.”

While available separately, TRIAX EoC + WiFi truly comes into its own as an integral element of TRIAX Solutions. Combined with the TRIAX In Touch interactive communication platform, you can manage guest access to your WiFi network, and TRIAX TV Headends offer high-end IPTV and other signal processing to be sent through the coax network, all managed in a tried and trusted, common TRIAX interface.

All this alongside TRIAX’s Partner Network and in-depth Training Academy ensures customers are supported every step of the way.

TRIAX Ethernet over Coax + WiFi is on sale from today, and will be on show as an integral part of our products & solutions stand at ANGA COM.

Find us in Hall 8, stand R20 at ANGA COM, Cologne, Germany, 12-14 June 2018. 

Torben Flodgaard Kristensen, TRIAX Group Product Manager, presents WiFi Coverage using Existing Coax Network Infrastructures at the WiFi – Use Cases, Coverage and User Experience ANGA COM conference panel, Thurs 14 June 2018 13.00-14.15, Room 2.


Karina Goos, Head of Group Marketing,, +45 76 82 22 26

About TRIAX: TRIAX is a global supplier of reliable, innovative products and solutions for the reception and distribution of video, audio and data signals. Our Products are used in homes, businesses and operator networks by broadcasters, satellite, cable and telecom operators. Our Solutions combine our hardware and software expertise to deliver value to hospitality and related markets, through a partner network of system integrators, large installers and operators. TRIAX’s headquarters, production and R&D base is in Denmark. With 9 international sales subsidiaries we operate in more than 60 distributor countries. The TRIAX team consists of 300 employees and is owned by Polaris Private Equity. See for further info.

Fire safe cables

Fire safe cables

Superior quality cables meeting EN50575 standards

TRIAX cables are designed to meet the standards of today and the network demands of tomorrow, specially crafted and highly shielded to minimise interference.

We are pleased to announce that each one has been meticulously updated and rigorously tested to conform to the new EN50575 fire safety standard.

All TRIAX cables are fully tested and classified according to the EN50575 Construction Products Regulation, in force from 1 July 2017, so they:

  • Meet the highest demands for safety in case of fire
  • Are safe and suitable for all building projects across the EU and the world

CE marked

We are happy to assure our customers that all TRIAX cables are stamped with the CE mark, and the necessary Declarations of Performance are available for each product line.

The cables have been variously classified B2ca, Cca & Eca, meeting all statutory demands, and satisfying the recommendations of ZVEI, the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association.

For further information on TRIAX Cables and the EN50575 safety standard, take a look at our Cables brochure.