The foundations of TRIAX are laid when engineer Knud Jeppesen buys the smithy in Hornsyld, Central Jutland, Denmark in 1949. Outraged at the price of aerials that had to be imported into Denmark, Jeppesen decided he could produce higher quality and cheaper aerials domestically and by 1959, the old blacksmith business is left behind to concentrate fully on aerials.

50s Antenna Production
60s Cabinets


As aerial sales grow, expansion of the product range continues apace, at one point venturing into screws for powerboats – a line that didn’t stand the test of time. The smithy premises expand from 250m2 to a thriving factory of 10,000 m2.


Expansion continues with TRIAX’s first acquisition, the TRETEM electronics company in Kibæk, Denmark. Their production is absorbed into the Hornsyld setup, but the 1973 oil crisis hits the Danish economy hard. Seeing international opportunities to stabilise demand, Jeppesen expands sales to across Europe, Africa, and Canada. Later in the decade the demand for colour TV increases domestic demand, and the number of employees rises from 50 in 1970 to 185 in 1979.

70s sat
80s sat box


An extended period of ill health leads Jeppesen to make plans for succession, and in 1982 Erling Rindbo makes his mark as new CEO. “You will not be a success until it hurts,” he tells a local newspaper, and immediately sets about trying to improve operational efficiency. During 1986-88 Jeppesen and his family sell their shares in the company. They are purchased by the Micro Matic group, later to become Nielsen & Nielsen Holding A/S, whose ownership was to last over 25 years. Satellite TV is a new market Triax invests heavily in, its first dishes and receivers proving a great success and expanding the company to 450 employees by the end of the 80s.


Satellite dish production now starts taking place in a dedicated production facility at the Hornsyld headquarters. Sales offices are established across Europe and further acquisitions in the UK, France and Germany step up TRIAX’s international operations.

90s expo
TRIAX employee testing equipment


In 2001 operations in the Middle East are established. Production begins in China, a TRIAX training academy opens and the acquisition of Hirschmann Multimedia strengthens growth in Germany, Austria, Spain and Hungary. The great TV signal switchover from analogue to digital takes place and TRIAX again is at the head of the technological curve, providing the right solutions to customers.


TRIAX takes a further step into the future after being acquired by Polaris Private Equity in 2015. The Nordic private equity company’s investment marks an exciting new period for TRIAX, setting in motion an ambitious new strategy to realise the company’s full growth potential.

Expansion begins immediately with the acquisition of Macnetix GmbH in 2016, strengthening TRIAX’s renewed emphasis on providing the very best all-in-one solutions to customers.

TRIAX employee at computer

2020-Present day

The merger of TRIAX A/S and Klode Media, the former Multimedia business unit of Ikusi, is approved by European competition authorities.

For many years, we have shared a space in the market, alongside a common history, culture and values that emphasise quality, reliability and innovation.

Our shared vision is to be our customers’ preferred connectivity partner through cutting-edge technological leadership.